Quel est votre TV Couple favori?

Réponses%Nb votes
  Nathan and Haley (OTH) 43.15%107
  Brooke and Lucas (OTH) 13.31%33
  Lucas and Peyton (OTH) 12.5%31
  Ross and Rachel (Friends) 3.63%9
  Derek and Meredith (G.A) 7.26%18
  Burke and Cristina (G.A) 0.81%2
  Mike and Susan (DH) 2.42%6
  Seth and Cohen (The OC) 1.61%4
  Marissa and Ryan (The OC) 1.61%4
  Veronica and Logan (VM) 6.85%17
  Chandler et Monica (Friends) 1.21%3
  Autres (veuillez préciser...) 5.65%14

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